Customer care

Phone number: 180030000610
Email us: care@Shopbuycart

For all order-related enquiries, email us with your order number & contact details in the Subject Line and we will respond within 3 working days.

If you have already done so and are not satisfied with the response from Customer Connect, please email us at care@jShopbuycart with your Ticket

Number.If your concern still remains unresolved, please drop an email to: veer@Shopbuycart

Other Enquiries

Corporate Sales                                                  corporate.sales@Shopbuycart

Exports                                                         , exports@Shopbuycart

Business Development & Partnerships         partners@Shopbuycart

Careers                                                                  careers@Shopbuycart

Press Relations                                                    pr@Shopbuycart

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 Mvaska garments limited

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